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Palo Santo Chips, Bulk 1 lb

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    Palo Santo Chips, Bulk 1 lb

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    What is Palo Santo?

    Palo Santo is a sacred fragrance tree in South America that means "Holy Wood".  It's similar to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal resin incense.

    Benefits of Using Palo Santo:

  • Removes negative energy
  • Drives away mosquitoes and insects
  • Disinfects air
  • Used for relaxing the mind and body.
  • Also used in flu, cough, asthma (Prepare it in tea or warm water)

    Our Palo Santo wood is 100% natural, no trees or forest are harmed to gather these chips. Use these chips to purify objects, homes, offices, & self. 

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